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Concept note

South Asian Transactional Analysis Conference 2016 and IBOC Examination

Theme: Freedom Within

Date: 2-4 September 2016

Venue:  KIB Complex, Khamarbari, Farmgate Dhaka



South Asian Association of Transactional Analysis (SAATA) plays a crucial role in networking and developing professional competencies in TA application in counseling, education, organizational development and psychotherapy in the South Asia region. TA is an excellent tool developed by Eric Bern in the seventies for personal and professional growth. Research studies have proven the effectiveness of TA to enhance quality of relationships, parenting and classroom interaction, and variety of context.

The theme of the conference is “Freedom Within” which means choosing unbounded flow of psychic energy, using all the ego states of the self with spontaneity and awareness. People will achieve true freedom by bringing change towards OKness by fostering intrinsic worth and value and grow into responsible citizens for their own lives, for others and for the world.

It is estimated that one in every six persons in Bangladesh suffers from mental illness, but most remain untreated or mistreated.  Like most mental health systems in the developing world, the mental health system in Bangladesh is not designed or equipped to provide adequate, affordable and accessible care for people in need. Public stigma and self-stigma aggravates the problem.  There is a shortage of trained personnel both at professional and community level.

Introduction of TA by ASK in 2003 was the first noteworthy initiative to address this need in Bangladesh. More than five hundred of professionals have received TA 101 and Diploma in TA during the last twelve years in courses organized by ASK in support of ASHA Counseling and Training Services from India.

SAATA and ASK have both played leading roles in promoting training and services in South Asia.  This has enabled certified counselors and psychotherapists to contribute to the mental health system of Bangladesh, SAATA, in partnership with ASK, is pleased to introduce the South Asian Transactional Analysis Conference 2016 and IBOC examination in Dhaka. The idea behind this endeavor is to inspire and provide opportunity for professional growth and development. The conference in Bangladesh will be a show case of practicing TA therapists to an international TA community.  The IBOC examination for international certification for counselors, psychotherapists, and supervising trainers will take place on 1 September 2016.

The conference will be an inspiration and opportunity to those who have learned and are practicing TA. Bangladesh will acquire recognition in advancing TA by holding the Board of Trustees meeting, institute and examination in Dhaka.


This important event aims to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • To showcase Bangladesh’s success as a member country of SAATA
  • To promote and highlight the role that SAATA plays in  development of TA practice in South Asia;
  • To present case studies and research findings in the TA;
  • To bring together governments, development institutions, investors, academics and  institutions to recognise the role of  the TA as a changing agent;
  • To discuss best practices in application of TA;
  • To bring international TA community together “under one roof” to exchange knowledge and know how;
  • To help promote TA Research and Development;
  • To disseminate and expand knowledge of TA in Bangladesh;
  • To promote self-development of individuals leading to community empowerment;
  • To develop professional certification;
  • To publish Conference Proceedings as resource materials on TA;
  • To network for inter-regional coordination and consultation so as to promote peace and harmony in the region;


The conference is open to all aspirants of personal and professional growth and change – therapists, counselors, doctors, educators, consultants, trainers, corporate executives, coaches, parents, students…


The program will include pre conference institute, plenary / keynote speech, lectures, workshops & posters presentation. In addition the International Board of Certification examination will be held during the conference where candidates around the world will be certified as practitioners or trainers in TA field. Besides these annual general meeting of International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA) and South Asian Association of Transactional Analysts (SAATA) will be held here.